Attestation of educational documents for the Philippines


NOVEMBER 28, 2016

Attestation of diplomas for the Philippines

How do you get your diploma, university degree, transcript, verification letter certified and attested by the Embassy of the Philippines?

The Philippines is not a Hague Convention country, therefore the legalization of your degree by the Embassy of the Philippines will be required. The attestation is a chain type legalization procedure which includes thre following basic steps: notary + county clerk's office + state level + the Consulate of the Philippines, and in some cases, notary + county clerk's office + state level + federal level + finally, the Embassy of the Philippines.

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Atestation by the Philippines embassy

We provide fast and reliable document legalization services for the Philippines, taking care of all legalization steps, starting with the certification by the Secretary of State, U.S. Department of State, and finally, the embassy level.

We can attest the original diploma or a copy of the diploma, depending on your needs.

Legalization state federal embassy

If your documents are notarized by a New York notary public, we will take it to the respective County Clerk before having it authenticated at the state level. However, please email a copy of your document first for a free evaluation. We need to make sure that the notary has followed all the requirements.

How to order embassy legalization for the Philippines?

Email a copy of your document for a free evaluation. We will tell you if your document qualifies for the Philippines embassy legalization, and how to proceed.

Mail the original document(s) to us or email scanned copies, and we will take care of the legalization for the Philippines.

Philippines diploma attestation pricePrice: $375 (1st document), each add. document: $275
(Overnight FedEx within the U.S. is included).
Processing time: 10-15 bus. days.
FedEx International is $60 (most countries)
Complete the Order form and enclose it with your documents. Our mailing address is
Foreign Documents Express
123 Seventh Avenue, Suite 175
Brooklyn, NY 11215

What other documents can be legalized for the Philippines?

 Read more about the Philippines authentication procedures.

175 apostille 1All kinds of NY documents.

Free document evaluation.

Our guarantee: 100% refund if we are not able to apostille your document(s). No service fees. 

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