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What does an extended marriage certificate issued before 1996 look like?

Look at the back of your marriage certificate... Is there a color stamp and the original signature of the Acting City Clerk? If not, your document is not a certified copy, and is not eligible for the legalization by an apostille or foreign embassy. But do not worry, we can get a certified copy of a Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island marriage certificate, and then have it apostilled or legalized by a foreign embassy.

An extended certified copy of NYC marriage certificate issued before 1996 will have the following:

  • a copy of your marriage license. It can be on a separate page or on the same page with the marriage certificate
  • a color stamp of the Marriage Bureau on the back of the certificate
  • the original signature of the Acting City Clerk on the back of the certificate

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We can obtain certified copies of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island marriage certificates with an apostilles or embassy seals...

order online manhattan brooklyn bronx queens staten island marriage certificatePlease order a New York City marriage certificate with apostille / legalization online. For processing we will need a copy of your marriage certificate for information purposes. If you do not have a copy, the following information will be sufficient:

  1. full names and dates of birth of the parties to the marriage (including the maiden name of the bride, if applicable)
  2. date of marriage
  3. borough where the marriage license was issued
  4. place of marriage
  5. marriage license number (if known, this will make the search much easier)

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The NYS Secretary of State office does not have over-the-counter service yet. The processing time for New York apostilles is currently between two and three  weeks. 

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