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Our guarantee: 100% refund if we are not able to apostille your document(s). No service fees. 

We process documents for all countries. 

We process documents from all 50 U.S. States (apostilles and certifications), the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC (federal apostilles and certifications), and all foreign embassies/consulates.


Foreign Documents Express is a registered service provider with the Secretary of State - authentications, Hague apostilles, and certification.

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You can call us at (646) 267-1140 with any questions about apostille process. We are available Monday - Sunday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to answer your questions. You can also fax or email copies of your documents for a free evaluation. We will advise if your documents qualify for apostilles and, if not, what steps need to be taken.

Processing times differ depending on nature of your documents. In each case will provide the time estimate, and will do our best to meet the deadline.

Delivery by USPS Priority mail (within the U.S.) is included in the price. FedEx (2nd day, within the U.S.): $20, FedEx (standard overnight): $30. We ship internationally. FedEx International to most countries is $75 (FedEx to Eastern Europe and South America is $115).

Apostilles and embassy legalization procedures are not complicated if you entrust your documents to legalization experts who know the requirements of U.S. apostille agencies, foreign consulates and embassies and the requirements of the receiving organizations in foreign countries.

AUGUST 6, 2016date

Getting married in vietnamIf you plan to get married in Viet Nam, you will need a document called "Affidavit of Single Status". This document is bilingual (English - Vietnamese). We provide legalization services for Viet Nam in the State of New York (for documents originating from New York), and nationwide (all U.S. States). We profide free forms of Affidavit of Single Status for Viet Nam, Certificate of Good Mental Health for Viet Nam, a Power of Attorney for Viet Nam.

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AUGUST 5, 2016

belarus usAs the U.S. and Belarus are members of the Hague Apostille Convention, a U.S. document bearing an apostille stamp will be legal and valid in Belarus.

We process all kinds of documents originating in New York State for use in Belarus, including New York vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates), court judgments, personal and corporate powers of attorney, consents, criminal records, parents' consents for minor children travel, corporate documents, including resolutions, minutes, bylaws, articles of incorporation, certificates of goodstanding, etc.  Our New York apostille prices are very competitive ($175 per document as compared to $200 per document from other agencies).

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AUGUST 3, 2016

Morocco joined Hague apostille conventionStarting August 14, 2016 Morocco will be accepting Hague apostilles

In November 2015, Morocco deposited its instrument of accession to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (the "Apostille Convention"). Following the usual procedural steps, the Convention will enter into force for Morocco on 14 August 2016, making it the 110th Contracting State to the Convention.

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AUGUST 4, 2016

NYS criminal recordThe most comprehensive way to conduct a New York criminal record search is through the New York State Office of Court Administration ("OCA"). The OCA covers all 62 counties in New York State dating back to at least 1993 (the counties vary as to how far back they search) and includes all town and village records as of 2007. 

The best thing about the OCA "No Criminal Record Letter" is that no fingerprints are required. The search is based on the exact name and date of birth.

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Marriage certificate NYC certified acceptable for apostilleYour marriage was registered in one of the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island), a certified copy of your marriage certificate was issued by the Marriage Bureau of the City of New York.   Is it acceptable for a New York apostille or embassy legalization? 

Look at the back of the document... Does it have a color stamp and the original signature of the Acting City Clerk? If not, your document is not a certified copy, and is not eligible for the legalization by an apostille or foreign embassy. Please do not despair, we can assist you with obtaining a certified copy of a Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island marriage certificate, and then have it apostilled.

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Foreign Documents Express
331 Newman Springs Rd., Bldg. 1
4th Floor, Suite 143
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Phone: (646) 267-1140
Fax: (800) 905-0421
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