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AUGUST 14, 2021

24hourapostilleThe DC Secretary of State office has resumed the in-person authentication services effective August 9th, 2021. However, delays are still possible. 24-hour apostilles will be processed within three business days. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to resume our 24-hour apostille service soon.

The following documents are eligible for 24-hour apostilles: diplomas and transcripts - verification letters - copies of passports and IDs -  SSA letters - corporate resolutions - corporate documents - documents in foreign languages - other (please email a copy for a free evaluation)

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dateMAY 28, 2019

Attestation of diplomas for the PhilippinesHow do you get your diploma, university degree, transcript, verification letter certified and attested for use in the Philippines?

The Philippines is now a Hague Convention country, therefore the legalization of your degree by the Embassy of the Philippines is no longer required. Before the Philippines joined the Apostille Convention in 2018, the attestation was a chain type legalization procedure which included the Consulate / Embassy of the Philippines. Now a Hague apostille issued by the Secretary of State will make your document valid and legal in the Philippines. 

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Transcript certified notarized New York UniversityHow do you prepare a transcript for foreign use?
apostille acceptable Contact your school and request a certified notarized copy of your transcript. This document needs to be signed by a school official (original signature), and his/her signature must be notarized. 
apostille acceptable If you cannot obtain a certified notarized copy, please contact us. We can have a copy of your diploma /transcript notarized and apostilled in Washington DC.
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What should a certified, notarized transcript look like?

Practically all New York colleges and universities issue certified notarized copies upon request of the student, and ship them to third parties if so instructed. The certification is usually signed by the school registrar or some other official, e.g. a Students Services Representative, and his or her signature is then notarized.

Here is an image of a certified transcript that was sent to us by the New York University. This transcript is properly certified and notarized.  This transcript is eligible for a New York apostille or embassy legalization. 

 Read more about apostilles for diplomas and transcripts...


dateNOVEMBER 2, 2018


Some foreign countries require that your document is translated, and that the translation is apostilled. Translation agencies usually provide an Affidavit of Translation Accuracy which is signed by a translator who confirms that he/she is competent to translate from English into the language of the target country, and that the translation is a true, complete and accurate translation of the original document. Then, the translator's signature is notarized, and the document is ready for an apostille.

Increasingly, translation agencies use the services of translators who work remotely, sometimes in foreign countries. In this case it is not possible to have the signature of the translator notarized. As a solution, the translation agencies provide a different kind of affidavit where a manager or another agency's official confirms that the translation was performed by a professional translator, and that the translation is accurate. The signature of the manager is then notarized.

Is this a proper way to have the translation attested? Is it possible to apostille the translation which was not certified by the translator? 

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fingerprints 4Question: I received my Certificate of Good Conduct from New York City. Does it have to be notarized before I can submit it for an apostille?

Answer: No, this document does not need to be notarized. In fact, the signature of the Supervisor who signed the certificate of good conduct can be authenticated directly New York County Clerk, and then apostilled.

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