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florida death certificateA Florida state apostille will authenticate the signature of the State Registrar on a certified copy of a Florida death certificate. An apostille issued by the Florida Secretary of State will make your Florida document valid outside the United States

Certified copies of Florida death certificates are issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville, Florida. The following signatures on the Florida death certificates are acceptable for Florida apostilles: 

Ken Jones (the current State Registrar) *C. Meade Grigg *Oliver Board *Edward Williams * Charles Mahan
  • Death certificates issued by local Health Departments are not eligible for apostilles / legalization.
  • Death certificates signed by a Deputy State Registrar are not eligible for apostilles / legalization.
  • Copies of death certificate cannot be notarized.

If the death certificate has a different signature, it might still be acceptable. Please email a copy of the certificate for a free evaluation.

If the death certificate is intended for a country that does not accept Hague apostilles, we will be happy to assist you with the legalization. Please email a copy of the certificate for a free evaluation.

Florida apostille: price, processing time, order form

If your document qualifies for a Florida apostille, please send the original to us by mail.
Florida apostille: price, processing time, order form

price 4Florida apostille: $175

USPS Priority mail (within the U.S.): free
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Processing time: 5-7 bus. days + mail

order form 3Please complete the Order Form and mail it with your original document(s) to

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If you are sending your document(s) from a foreign country, please use FedEx, DHL or TNT, and email the tracking number so that we could watch for your package.

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Our guarantee: If we are unable to get your documents apostilled or legalized, we issue a 100% refund, we do not keep any service fees.

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What does a Florida apostille look like?

florida apostille state registrar

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Death certificates vs. death certifications

The State of Florida issues two types of death records: death certifications and death certificates.

Death certifications are public record without cause of death. Anyone may obtain certified copies without the cause of death information. The cause of death becomes public information after 50 years from the date of death. By Florida law, the cause of death is considered confidential prior to that time. 

Death certificates which include the cause of death may only be issued to the decedent's spouse, parent, and (if of legal age) child, grandchild, or sibling, or anyone who provides a will, insurance policy or other document that demonstrates their interest in the estate of the decedent or anyone who provides documentation that he or she is acting on the behalf of any of the previously mentioned persons, or by court order.

The Florida Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics (Florida Vital Records) issues certified copies of Florida death certificates for events which occurred in the State of Florida. You may order a certified copy of a Florida death certification (without cause of death) with an apostille through Foreign Documents Express on an expedited basis. If you need a certified copy of the death certificate with cause of death, we recommend using or obtaining the document directly through the Florida Office of Vital Statistics.

     florida death certification without cause of death 2023        florida death certificate with cause of death 2023

To start the process of getting an apostille for a Florida death certificate, you must first have a certified copy. If you need several death certificates apostilled, for each Florida apostille you will need a certified copy. Please note that, under no circumstances, can a Florida vital record (including death certificates) be notarized. If the Secretary of State sees any kind of notarization on your document, the document will be rejected for an apostille.

Please note that social security numbers held by the Department of Health on death certificates are confidential and will only be issued to an eligible party requesting a confidential record, regardless of the date of death. Therefore, the first five digits of the decedent’s social security number will be redacted when issuing a public record request.


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